Dispatches From the Highway

The Joy Rider – Meet the Expedition Manager


As Fate would have it, about two years ago I had the good fortune of meeting the woman whose image you see in this post. After many conversations over many cups of coffee, it was revealed she was quite an accomplished, successful “Jane of Many Trades” as she likes to refer to herself. After a ten-year stint in television, advertising, modeling and big buck promotions for big buck corporations, she left the urban jungle and frequent flyer miles for a simpler place – a place of wide open spaces – Oregon. After vetting her description of the word “accomplished” and finding we had the same definition and work-ethic, I enthusiastically brought her on board to manage all the details behind the scenes of my life, all the back code and my C-Panel (please pardon my vernacular jump into an arena I don’t want to know anything about) so that I can do what I LOVE to do – ride my Muse and paint my dreams – without the worry of ball-dropping somewhere. She has often said of her value and assistance to me – “It’s my job to make you look good!” I’m cool with that. FB


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