Dispatches From the Highway

For JAYDEN – From Frank Barlow

My muse and I travelled West and rode up the Oregon Coast to a charming little ocean-side town called Gold Beach.  My Muse was not tired nor hungry – but I was.  Together we glided into a little coffee shop called (honestly!) “Double D” where I refueled with a strong cup of coffee.  I got up to leave and as is my habit, began to gear up for more riding; after paying my bill and walking outside, a little boy came outside dragging his parents along with him.  He clearly had something to say to me.  I perceived the little man to be a bit shy next to a big guy in Hi-Viz yellow jacket and helmet but that didn’t stop him from being courageous.  The little boy came up to me, told me his name was Jayden and asked what mine was.  After we exchanged a few words, he told me he really liked my new Muse.  I handed him a card with the name of this blog, signed the back for him and promised him I’d say “HOWDY” to him personally on the blog.  I encouraged him to follow my journey here and, as promised, here’s a big “howdy” to the young man named Jayden who I met in Gold Beach, Oregon.  Follow your dreams Jayden and joy won’t be far behind!  Happy trails!Image


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